Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey, remember me???!!

oh, how long it's been!  I always say I'm going to write something..but when you are languishing as a guest of the state, you wonder just how many people want to hear what cocktail you had that evening.

We are as settled as we could hope to be.  The house is great.  We've been meeting people here and there.  Had the neighhbours for dinner last weekend.  Doing the Crescent City Farmer's Market each week, getting to know those people too.  Still bike riding 4-5 times a week, about 15 miles each time.  Rode round Lake Ponchatrain the other day.  Magnificent!

Currently scoping out places to set up Red Gravy.  It's what I came down here for.  It's a ball in motion...a meatball, that is.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where y'at???

Arrived last Sunday little worse for wear!  Managed to get the furniture delivered, the cable/phone/computer connected.  Getting mail in little dribbles.  Three rooms painted, 3 to go!  It's hot, africa hot!  The mosquitos prefer little italian girl from new jersey blood, apparently. 
We finally got the trash hauled away, too!!  Screwed that up on Wednesday morning because apparently they come in wee hours of the morning, like a bunch of garbage fairies. 

We've had house guests for a couple of days, already.  College kids don't really care where they put the pillow as long as it's essentially clean.  My parents are also on their way today, estimated time of arrival shortly after 4pm.  We'll go to a nice little italian restaurant that just up the block.   Perhaps they'll forget the reason they came is to help paint and plant....sunday gravy has that effect on people.

Okay, I'm off to paint the guest bathroom the colour of pickled ginger.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drop Me Off In New Orleans!!

In about 14 hours, a Mayflower dinosaur will lumber down my street, ready to accept the contents of the original 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  Rather than attending to last minute packing, double checking, and simple panic, I'm sitting here telling you what's what.  For the most part, my life is currently packed into boxes of every shape and size.  The coffin is filled with a combination of curtain rods and yard ornaments.  Every suitcase I own is playing second fiddle to the 5 wardrobe boxes I already filled with..well...wardrobe.  And shoes.  And hats.  And parasols. 

Got an email from my new landlord asking if I'd rather new carpeting throughout the house; or opt just for the cleaning.  Like this is any kind of decision..!!  Naturally I opted for new carpeting.  No, thanks, Mr. Landlord, just leave those carpets as they are, those stains tell a story!!  Ha!  But, you know what they say about those clouds and silver linings....Actually, I don't know what they say.  All I do know is that the carpeting is being installed either Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Bit of a pickle, really....the aforementioned Mayflower dinosaur is scheduled to lumber down my new street on Monday, the 14th!!  What are the chances the carpet people can get in, get 'er done, and be the hell outta dodge before the truck comes????  Slim and none..that's my guess!  The only plan I have regarding both movers and ruggers is to lock Max-i in the bathroom for the duration.

I get to keep the computer logged on till tomorrow morning, 7am.  That's when I get to remind the state of my persistent guest-hood.  Then it's outta the wall and into the box.  The house phone is packed.  The televisions are all but one packed.  After that truck pulls away, the only way for me to communicate is either cell phone or smoke signal.  Since I packed all the fire starter stuff, smoke signals will be dicey.

Is it Tuesday yet???

Friday, June 4, 2010

This is no dream....This is really happening!

Anyone have any use for about 300 hangers, most about 25 years old????  This is my life, right now.  I cannot walk through any room of the house without having to circumnavigate boxes or crates.  I cannot walk naked past the windows since all the curtains have been washed, folded and packed.  (actually, I take that back...I can walk naked if I want to...but unless dead presidents pass into my palms first, why should I?)  Went out last night, on a school night!!  Came home to a dressing down from Max-i.  Apparently, not only have I turned her world upside down, but the house is too hot and I'm not supposed to go out on a school night.  At least that's what I think she said.
If I eat anything here in the house, I have to either hold it in my bare hands or wrap it in a paper towel.  I still have some paper plates left, but really, what's the point??  I should take better inventory of my stock, too.  I had two containers of bay leaves, two granulated garlic, two whole peppercorns, two Bell's seasoning and 4 boxes of unflavoured gelatin.  All open.  The cookie decorating sugar was just too embarrassing to print about, so you can just imagine, instead.  But it was bad.  Very bad.
Two going away parties this weekend!  One nice, quiet dinner with family and friends tonight.  Tomorrow night's in NYC at a lounge/bar below the dungeon I used to work at.  I use the word dungeon literally, too, just so you know.
I'm getting to the end of the empty boxes pile.  I'm also getting to the end of my 6 rolls of packing tape.  I can see a light at the end of this maze.  I hope there's a big piece of cheese there.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My world and welcome to it!

Initially, I was keeping track of how many boxes I was creating as I continue to crate up my life.  I stopped counting when I got to 16.  I suppose I could take a head count today, but I fear the number could be encroaching upon triple digits.  Not that not knowing will make the move any cheaper, either.  On the contrary, all not knowing does is make it easire to make more boxes. 
I am fairly convinced that there is some stuff I should be discarding instead of moving 1500 miles.  There are some things that you just don't part your kid's report cards.
The normal temperature for this time of year, here in NJ is 76.  However, I'm compelled to pack my life in a combination sauna/steambath/oven.  It's about as hot and humid as it could get and in an effort to keep energy costs down, the air conditioners have not been placed into the windows.  Big mistake, if you ask me.  One has been placed in the bedroom, and that is my oasis of cool now.  Unfortunately, I cannot pack up the kitchen from my bedroom.
 Things on my 'to do' list are actually getting done.  I'm swimming in an ocean of boxes.  Would that the ocean actually felt like cool water, though..........

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a wonder we can breathe, at all...

When you consider there is about an inch of dust and decaying corpses of all manner of invisible insect life nicely ensconced beneath my bed, it's a wonder anyone in my room has not already choked to death.  In addition to the miniature coffins from the Living Dead Dolls I like to have, I also discovered a Twister game, a couple of empty boxes that I assumed I'd require for gift wrapping, soft curlers (like my hair is not already curly enough) an electric fly swatter (do I really need to remind you what that was used for???) the entire carpet is covered in dust and feathers, now nicely all kicked up to my pillows.
The hands that are typing this blog entry are filthy with the findings of the underworld of my bed.  Soon, I'm going to tackle the underworld of the bureau. 
I'm still looking for a pink piece of hardware that mysteriously went missing several years ago. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

As a 'guest of the state'.....

Once again, I'm a guest of the state of NJ.  Filed for unemployment yesterday.  This time,'s for all good reasons.  Hopefully, won't have to suckle on the tit of the state for all that long, though.  Plan is to find gainful employment in New Orleans, close enough to not have to drive the car!

Things are getting out of control here at the house in NJ.  Boxes everywhere, dust and Max hair abounds.  This is the last weekend my bedroom will remain unscathed.  Tuesday it comes down.  All the doodads hanging from the ceiling, all the glow in the dark stars, all the purple cloths from over the bed, and the ornament tree...all coming down and shoved into boxes.  It's a beautiful weekend here, but sad as well.

Had buttered crumb buns from B&W bakery in bed this morning.  That's the last time I get to do that.  I believe the next time I have pastries in bed it will be in a bed situated in New Orleans and the pastry will be from that french pastisserie around the corner from the house.   Not that I need pastry in bed, mind you..but what better way to start a weekend morning that coffee and pastry in bed???

Going down to Belmar tomorrow.  It may be the last time for that, too....and yes officer, I always drink cranberry juice on the beach.  No, you cannot have a sip, else you'll discover it's really wine.

Somehow, I'm planning to make soft shell crabs tonight....I have one pot and one saute pan.  This oughta be interesting, especially since all I have is paper plates.   Oh, how degrading for the soft shell crab is be unceremoniously plopped onto Dixie???